“Cases” is a term I use quite a bit not only in this blog, but with my fellow cohorts in real life. It is a reference to a specific amount of time that has passed. You may hear me reference, that was aprox 10 cases ago, and so forth. The term cases came from a wilderness training excursion I was on some years ago. I was spending 45 days in the wild in the far reaches of the North West Territories with only what I could carry on my back. Cases was simply the moonshine or beer rations we got on average per week, which is about 2 cases. We would run into these little masonry ovens on our trip on uncharted camp sites, passing through, and would hold over for a day to make a batch. It was fun, interesting, and definitely built camaraderie.

On that note, I should mention that a “solid” has two meanings here also: a reference to a good turn someone has done you; or a reference to a year that has passed (as opposed to saying 720 cases).


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