My name is Hatsh, and I live off the charts in protective services. Many years ago I was witness to some things I shouldn’t have seen, and received an offer for my full protection if I swore to never tell- oh yeah- and join the forces of the darkside. Sorry, but not for all the cookies in the world could I do it. Now I roam, work, eat, play, all within my alias, and enjoy life to the max. Being in hiding has become almost like a game, still serious, and with dire consequences, but a normal part of my life. I have been doing this for well over a decade, and accept it as a part of my routine. It leads me to strange and dark places sometimes, but has certainly taught me how to live life to the fullest and to care less and less about idiocracy.

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The Blog is titled Winter Hunt because of it’s historical reference, and the hunting reference used by urban hunters who hunt war criminals and those who commit war crimes of torture and assault in cities, and first world countries; and go free. Historically the Winter Hunt was a time of year between several days or a week crossing over fall and the first days of winter. This is a time when the scales of karma essentially balance out, and the spiritual hounds and ghost warriors of the past hunt guilty souls who have committed crimes against virtue and humanity.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Many of my homeless friends are in hiding, having been part of gangs in other cities where they witnessed and participated in crimes. They refuse to have their picture taken. They are constantly in fear for their lives. I wish you safety and all the best for the new year. ~ Dennis

    1. Thank you Becki! You’re a brave and courageous woman, when I read through your blog, I can see you and I have some parallels. I look forward to staying in touch. Best-

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