AAR: After Action Report

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It has certainly been a long time since my last post. So much has happened, and the stories are just building up inside. Some of you may remember from previous posts, that I was doing some work in NGO-PSP, and was desperately trying to get out and make it in the real world. I had to bug out and lost everything. I went through a name change,  a new home, a new job sporting ethical dilemmas, a great guy, and everything in between.

Well, as for a name, I think I finally got one. It’s not my favorite, but it will do the trick.

As for work, I got a great new job writing policy for NGO-PSP’s. I also act as a strategist in case management for workers who have more complex cases and need some help with planning and scenario outcome probabilities.

Broke up with Mr. Wonderful- he really was great- but my life was far darker and serious needing way more support than what he could give. We also had conflicting ideas about my new job, which worries him sick.

I moved into the shittiest little apartment and pay pennies so I am building up quite the lump of bills beneath my mattress… so really, I don’t mind. In the end however, I can’t bring myself to buy a bed. I’ve been sleeping on the floor for months. It just feels stable, safe, and like home. I’ve invested a lot of my artistic abilities to remodel the apartment. I’ve sanded down the kitchen counters and refaced them, repainted the place and sparkled up them baseboards, put new knobs on all the cupboards and doors, and have been painting like a mad woman. I have so much canvas I’m giving it away.

Last week at work a bounty hunter came in, threw gasoline on a man and lit him on fire. I’ve never seen a man on fire before, it was honestly terrifying. The man did survive, and is very lucky. It was only discovered that the perp was a bounty hunter because he was picked up later by police after setting ablaze three more individuals. The police did some follow up, and we learned the full story. The amount of people I have seen beaten black, blue, and more colours I didn’t know you could bleed has been overwhelming. I did have a certain individual bring a circular saw on premise, sit down cross legged, plug it in with the saw resting in his lap against his shin, and promptly began hammering at the ON button. All of my adrenaline ran through the skull down my spine, flying out of my toes, and through the door and down the street in horror while I was left there standing in shock. Thank God the cord was frayed in a connecting area and kept it from turning on. These are just a few of the stories from the new job. But it is rewarding and it’s a perfect fit. I love my team, and I am so enjoying the balance between paper work and field work.