Living Off the Grid: a new home


For those of you who have been loosely following my blog, you may have noted that I was forced to move due to some mysterious circumstances, plans fell through, dark and scary things began happening in the night, etc etc… Well after some conversations with a former mentor of mine, he confided in me that a former coworker who was pissed off I reported her for stealing over $150k from the company, gave out my name and address to public enemy #1, a former client’s exhusband who vowed to kill all the workers who helped his wife escape the marriage. Oh shit. I found out when I called my mentor when I pressed my last job offer why the plans suddenly went awry. I phoned them for 3 weeks after the plans fell through absolutely persistent they give me 30 seconds of feedback, “Everything was going so well. I was supposed to start Monday, what happened?” Well, Howard was what happened. Howard (false name for protective reasons), my mentor, had given me bad reference after bad reference, to four different agencies I had originally been hired on to, but the plans suddenly fell through. When I confronted him about it, he was surprisingly docile, and told me that each of the agencies, he knew for a fact, this man who had a contract on me, had ties to. Well, I suppose that explains it, but really? No, really? Well, we sat for hours in his apartment covering all the connected names, locations, and details, and sure enough- the market I was looking to penetrate was dominated by this guy. Close call. “I thought you had been applying in different fields, or would just return to PSP (Protective Services Program). I didn’t actually think you were serious about changing careers so swiftly.” So we discussed my career plans more seriously, and he helped me map out a new destination. mynewdigs04

I have been living at a friend’s place, and today, moved into a new safe house until things get worked out. There are some other complications, but I’d rather not get into it- it’s more things you suspect, but aren’t quite sure of- but you know that the risk is far greater than just playing safe- so you might as well play it safe. My new home is ridiculously small, but luckily comes furnished. It’s a temporary stay, maybe a couple weeks or a month. It even comes with a cat. Or rather, the property comes with the cat. Apparently cat has lived on the property for nearly a decade, even when there was a fire and the previous building burned down, cat did not leave. Cat stayed. It’s a glorious 400sqft, equipped with a loft style bed, cutest little prep kitchen ever, and the deepest most inconvenient soaker tub! More importantly, it’s safe, and it’s mine for the next little while. I am not entirely sure where to go from here. But I am letting no resource go without exhausting it first. I am determined to succeed at this.



I have been told I am allowed to leave the local once a week when an escort will come and pick me up. I met him today, nice enough, definitely my people. He will come by twice a week with groceries and basic provisions. Once a week I can go with him into town and pick up extra stuff I may want. Apparently (I was left a directional handbook, no kidding, I’d love to be the person who wrote this), I can request him to bring me specific things within reason, IE. if I’m a vegetarian, request high protein veggies, and diet specifications; or if I want a book (and believe me, I took 10 books with me, they were not impressed), or if for whatever reason I need an extra blanket or whatever- this guy delivers. (Could have used this service in the city! sheesh). I’m allowed internet, cable, and a phone, must be a landline. All my activity is monitored.



The house is under 24/7 surveillance. It makes me uneasy. Although I’ve been in this situation before, it’s just a little too close for comfort. I wave at where I assume the camera in the kitchen is- but only because I was on my cell phone when it kept cutting out every time I leaned my phone in to one specific object. Typically, you’re not supposed to talk to anyone on your cell, but don’t worry, my cell is also monitored, and it’s been approved :) just no FB lol or any other social media. And no pictures from my phone (geotagging). I make sure though that all my behaviour is patterned, so surveillance gets used to my rhythms. Wave at the camera in the kitchen, smile at the one by the front door, etc etc… this way, if something goes wrong, it can be told immediately by my expression, and the perp  is non the wiser. I watch cat too, and monitor cats behaviours so we stay close and watch out for our safety together. I have found animals are surprisingly in tune with things, and can tell almost instantly when something is off.

Cat doesn’t have a name. Neither do I. I think that’s fair. We’re well matched.

We’ll see how this all unfolds. Tomorrow my “neighbour” is supposed to stop by. I’ve been told it’s some wilderness tough who lives off the land out here. Apparently he has become accustomed to the circumstances in which this home provides, and I will be spending New Years with him, my escort, and the unsuspecting locals. Holidays are prime time for any predator to attack, it’s always best to be on your guard. So have a safe and peaceful New Years everyone!

Be good. And if you can’t be good, be careful. ;)


4 thoughts on “Living Off the Grid: a new home

  1. I was in a similar position for 3 months once long ago. Lets just say the man that attacked and stabbed me wasn’t your normal “Joe Blow” Be safe, I have always had at least 1 furry friend. Indoors only, they become very aware of what shouldn’t be, if you know what I mean. A cats behavior and mannerisms are very intuitive.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Becki! Cat and I are bonding well, admittedly I refer to him as “Bully Cuddler” quite a lot because he’s always fighting for lap space. But he is bringing quite a lot of comfort to me :) But I am thinking of naming him… even just a temporary name… we’ll see :)

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